Language course: Scientific English for PhD Students in the Natural Sciences - Details

Language course: Scientific English for PhD Students in the Natural Sciences - Details

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General information

Course name Language course: Scientific English for PhD Students in the Natural Sciences
Course number 340444
Semester WiSe 2019/20
Current number of participants 7
maximum number of participants 20
Home institute Göttinger Graduiertenzentrum für Neurowissenschaften, Biophysik und molekulare Biowissenschaften (GGNB)
Courses type Language course in category Teaching
First date Wednesday, 23.10.2019 18:30 - 20:15
Participants Target group: GGNB and GAUSS doctoral students
Learning organisation Teacher: Darrin Miral

Course times: Wednesdays, 18:30-20:00h

Course duration: 23 October 2019 - 22 January 2020.

Location: Max-Planck-Institute for Experimental Medicine, seminar room of the library, ground floor
ECTS points 1

Rooms and times

No room preference
Wednesday: 18:30 - 20:15, weekly(12x)


Please note that you are required to take part regularly. Absences have to be documented by sick certificates or statement by your supervisor.

The objective of this course is to address common errors in English language usage among non-native speakers working in the natural sciences. Specifically, Scientific English aims to improve your pronunciation of science vocabulary, to familiarize you with grammar topics linked to improper usage, and to teach you a clear English style. To reach these goals, we will use a variety of resources including textbooks and print media.

Admission settings

The course is part of admission "GGNB_Skills_2019_WiSe_September_November".
You can register and sign out for courses in November from 1-20 September. The slots will be assigned assigned on 25 September.
In exceptional circumstances, you can still sign out before 30 September.
Your participation becomes binding on 1 October. Thereafter, cancellation is only possible with a) sick certificate, or b) statement by supervisor. If you do not provide this, you will be banned from courses for the current and next semester, as well as travel grants and other financial support.
By signing up you agree to frequently check your student e-mail account, as all information on courses will exclusively be sent to that account.
The following rules apply for the admission:
  • The enrolment is possible from 01.09.2019, 00:00 to 20.09.2019, 23:59.
  • At least one of these conditions must be fulfilled for enrolment:
      • Subject is Systems Neuroscience
      • Subject is PhysicsBiologComplexSyste
      • Subject is Molekulare Biologie
      • Subject is IRTG 2172 - PRoTECT
      • Subject is SensoryMotor Neuroscience
      • Subject is Biomol:Struc-Func-Dynamic
      • Subject is Genome Science
      • Subject is MolecularPhysi oftheBrain
      • Subject is Theoret Computat Neurosci
      • Subject is Microbiology-Biochemistry
      • Subject is Neurowissenschaften
      • Subject is Molekulare Medizin
      • Subject is MolecularBiology of Cells
      • Subject is Emerging Infect. Diseases
      • Subject is Genes in Development, Disease and Evolution
      • Subject is Mathematical Sciences
      • Subject is Environmental Informatics
      • Subject is Geoscience
      • Subject is Behavior and Cognition
      • Subject is Chemie
      • Subject is Biologie
      • Subject is Materialforschung Holz
      • Subject is Umweltinformatik
      • Subject is BioNutz-MolwissBiotechnol
      • Subject is Physik
      • Subject is Computer Science -PCS-
      • Subject is Psychologie
      • Subject is Geowissenschaften
      • Subject is Geographie
      • Subject is Biologische Diversität und Ökologie
      • Subject is Catalysis Sust.Synt.CaSuS
      • Subject is MetalSites i.Biomolecules
  • The following categories of people are preferred during seat allocation:

    Higher semesters will be preferred.
  • Enrolment is allowed for up to 2 courses of the admission set.
  • A defined number of seats will be assigned to these courses.
    The seats in the affected courses have been assigned at 23.09.2019 on 12:01. Additional seats may be available via a wait list.
  • At least one of these conditions must be fulfilled for enrolment:
    • Degree is Promotionsprogramm
    • Degree is PromProgramm Cotutelle
    • Degree is Promotion m.Abschlussprfg
    • Degree is Promotionsstudiengang
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